The Daily Ration


photo by @etcbritt

From the folks behind The Bitter Alibi comes the fantastic Daily Ration. Located in a revamped gas station in North Chatt, this spot is ideal for brunches, dinners, and drinks, with high end coffee as well as classic and inventive cocktails. Most items require a little modification in order to be made vegan, but Matt, Jeff, and team sent us a handy veganizing guide (below) to help you navigate their offerings. Their staff is happy to assist you with your requested changes, so don't feel guilty asking.

During the warmer months, bring the kids and/or pups to enjoy a beautiful day on the patio. Thursdays often bring musical guests to their weekly "Pups on the Patio" events.


The below menu was given to ChattaVegan by The Daily Ration team in September 2017. Please understand the restaurant may make modifications to their menu at any time, and always alert staff you're desire for vegan items to ensure ingredients haven't been updated.


Images submitted to ChattaVegan