Two Ten Jack


Two Ten Jack is a gorgeously designed pub with Japanese-inspired cuisine hidden under Chattanooga's Warehouse Row. Pictured here are all of their current vegan offerings which include tsukemono (pickle plate), yasai shoyu (veggie ramen), yakitori tomato, yakitori avocado, seaweed salad & lucky belly roll.

We take a lot of pride in preparing delicious vegan options; several of us even dedicated ourselves to a 4-week program of eating a vegan diet before opening! We learned so much and realized it's such a shame so many restaurants resort to only having dishes that require you take away ingredients to make them vegan-friendly. You end up left with half a recipe and half the deliciousness! - Chef Jessica Benefield

Two Ten Jack is a Japanese-inspired neighborhood pub, or izakaya, featuring artisinal ramen, yakitori (skewered & grilled items), sushi selections, and other Japanese-inspired comfort food that incorporates local, Southern ingredients. The beverage program features craft & rare Japanese beers, cocktails-on-tap, sake, shochu and Japanese whisky.

Credit: Jess Benefield of Two Ten Jack


Images submitted to ChattaVegan



All of these items have been confirmed vegan from restaurant staff. The menu is accurate as of the date of this post. If you spot anything that needs updating please contact us.